May 21st and May 22nd​

Saturday, 4WM invaded the Ritz and played the Bad Boys 2 show with Everlit headlining. All the bands put on an excellent show, Mercy Beach,  Beauty in Failure, and Black Irises. 4WM then played for the first time Simons after Dark in Allen park for friends and family. They were treated with 2 sets with one acoustic set by Johnpaul and Nathan. It was an excellent time we all had Sunday, it was the last show for our beloved roadie Ruben Fluellen...Our next show with Illnino will be dedicated to our beloved roadie Ruben. RIP

​July 8th, 2016

Gold route, As We Divide and For We are Many, of the Van's Warped Tour 2016 BOTB day 2 at the Shelter in Detroit. Competition  was awesome! With many of our friends and local bands competing along side us. So many family and friends came out to vote for us and wish us well and what could happen a long, long afternoon went quickly. Our friend Kelly Tucker came out to lend his assistance in keeping us on track unloading and our esteemed engineer/producer Ryan Arini was there to root us on. One of the most outstanding guests with us was Team Badd Luck's Roni Davis who worked with almost EVERY band that played on day one and day two. We see great things coming in the future in our collaboration with TBL.We will have more information about this great July 22, 2016 event at the Palace at Auburn Hills...STAY TUNED TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGES...

​GWAR Show Harpos, Detroit MI Sept 17th. 2016 

Scorching Hot day at Vans Warped Tour 2016

​Disturbing the Peace Fest 2016

Pick Axe Preacher Welcome Home tour

Feed Her to the Sharks

August 19th, 2016

Had a blast at the Maidstone Theater, was missing our Lead guitarist Hector Dominguez but still put on a great show. We love the Maidstone and hope we can play a lot more shows there. Thanks to our friends Fate of Misery who also put on a great show.

​And the winner is...

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​Over the Hill Bash 2016 The Ritz

June 30th, 2016...

.We were honored to share the stage with Feed Her to the Sharks, TOTH and As we Divide in our first John Collier show at the Ritz. It was also the introduction of our new co vocalist Logan Trupiano. Logan is bringing a fresh, new, deep and dark feel to our stage show and music. Thanks to John Collier , staff of the Ritz and our Kelly Tucker who makes us look and sound great.

June 25th, 2016

What a time at the Ritz both Friday and Saturday. All the bands were fantastic and played their asses off. Thank you to Team Badd Luck, The Ritz for putting this all together. Special thanks goes out to Purple Pit Productions for raffling off Dirtfest tickets and Warp tour Battle of the Bands tickets.


October 15th, 2016

The Ritz, Warren MI

Grads and Birthdays

Into the Pit Michigan Metalfest

​Videos from Sept 4th at the Ritz

Sunday Night at the Ritz

July 22nd, 2016​

It was a scorcher even in the shade yesterday at Vans Warped Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills as the boys set out to make an impression at this all-important event. For a band that has gone through many changes, with our newest members just being introduced to the scene, what a tremendous opportunity to be a part of such an important festival in American metal and alternative music. Set times were chosen at random and they were the first to go on at 1pm. They had a great showing and a nice little pit right in the front. Roni, who was as well known as Santa Claus, shook more hands than you could believe and spread the word about 4WM. We all sizzled, sweated and baked in that heat, but everyone got  a chance to get real close and enjoy many of the bands who had been their all - time favorites. Thanks to Cody Grup at Live Nation, all the folks at the Palace, Marissa and Keegan (our Pit Girls) who worked extremely hard writing the showtime on hundreds of postcards and handing them out all over the festival and Rylan, Ashley, Megan and Alex for their devotion and support. A special thanks to Roni Davis of Team Badd Luck, for spreading the word, hauling equipment, organizing the sale of the merchandise and keeping everyone confident and informed and on point all day. 

July 10th, 2016​

Still feeling the effects of the celebration from Friday night in winning a spot on the Warped Tour Detroit stage, 4WM put on another great show. Thanks to TBL and the Ritz for making us feel like home. 

May 28th, 2016

​​The show was sooo good. All the bands were great, every single one of them.
For We Are Many watched every single band and have the bruises from the pits to show for it today. As Howie says "Get off your asses and support these bands" they did
Thank you Howie Herula, Diesel Concerts Detroit and all the staff for everything. Thank you AGAIN to Kelly Tucker for always making the band sound it's best, we love you beyond words.
AND Thank you Roni Davis for supporting us and cheering us up after such a trying week, we love you. A very special thank you to Absorbed, for giving a shout out to Ruben Fluellen, cousin, nephew and crew of For We Are Many who we lost earlier this meant so much to the band

​June 10th and 11th

What a great party, at the Ritz Friday night. The Music was fantastic with 2 bands Fallen Stronger and For We Are Many. Also there was a fun jam session with 4WM with Kelly and friends. ...Thanks to Ronnie and our management Purple Pit Productions for putting on a really fun show and birthday party for Kelly.

​​It was a scorcher, but what a great day! We were lucky to share in the graduation parties of Nathan Tabor and Emilio Flores, such wonderful men with wonderful welcoming families. We were proud of their performance at Emilio's party last night. Emilio performed Tears in heaven to honor his late cousin, its clear how great his love for him was. We thank Eric Vega for supporting his performance.We all had a great day.

July 1st, 2016...

​Working with Roni Davis, we know there are certain bands that he is very picky in booking other acts with so to share the bill with Pick Axe Preacher, Final Drive, and with our long time friends Archimime made us feel great. All the bands were awesome, Logan our new co vocalist put on a great second show and we are really looking forward to working with all these great bands again.

A For We Are Many Weekend with Friends and Family

August 27th, 2016

It was a birthday to remember at the Over The Hill Bash at the Ritz. Many bands played and rocked the house and gave Roni a great Birthday to remember. Guest screamer Kyle Wagner (video above) of Carnis Imortalis helped For We Are Many on the cover Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold.