Back to the Token, Where it all began...

​April Fool's day at the Legendary Token Lounge

Letter from the Manager of For We Are Many March 5thth, 2016

Since February 2015, the band engaged in business with Smash Concerts (SC), formerly known as Detroit Concerts. Effective March 9, 2016, 4WM and Purple Pit Productions have severed all connections and further business with SC. For the full statement PM Tamley Vega..

Prong show May 14th, 2016 Token Lounge

4WM Moves to finals in RRHOF Tri-C contest Feb 13th, 

​March 5th, 2016  The Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac MI

For We are Many opened for The Word Alive’s current Dark Matter Tour at the Crofoot featuring Fit For a King and Out Came The Wolves for a packed house. It turned out to be one helluva of a great first show for the newest addition Hector Dominguez. Fans were very receptive to all the bands and the lead singer of The Word Alive Telle Smith, remarked to the crowd “was the best show of the tour so far”. It was great to meet the bands who were all generous and gracious and had lots of good advice for us. We hope to team up with them real soon in the future. Thanks to JP and all the folks at the Crofoot for including 4WM as the sole local band for this show. It was great to return to the Crofoot after 6 months. We look forward to return to this venue this spring and summer.

May 11th, 2016

Team Baddluck put together a great line up with headliner Tantric. All of the bands including Anomic, Bloodline Riot, Elisuium, Inkless and 4WM put on a great show capped off with the ageless Tantric. Special thanks goes out to Ronnie Davis, everyone at the Ritz and Soundman extrordinare Kelly Tucker. Now on to the Token, supporting Prong this Saturday, it should be a packed house. 


The band gave a strong performance tonight at the Rock N Roll Hall of fame Tri-C contest. The competition was 11 groups of high school musicians in performances of 15 minutes. They were suprised to find out that the final performance slot was open and took it. Not only were they the sole Metal band of the night, but they are the only Michigan band in the entire competition. They opened with United We Purge and finished with Breaking Through. They were well received by their Cleveland peers. The majority of the acts were POP and Alternative, so it was a very exciting and unexpected win. Great thanks to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Live Nation, all the sponsors and judges, see you February 13th...Contact us for ticket info..see our contact page.

​Another Great Night with TBL and the Free Music Tour

4WM brings it at the RRHOF Final Exam but falls short of a victory,

May 21st, 2016

Another fantastic show at the Ritz...Everlit was the headliner, 4WM put on a great show, Happy Birthday went out to 4WM manager Tamley Vega!!!.

​New photo shoot at Holy Redeemer in Detroit

​Heartsick, A Million Souls, Malcontent and Of Virtues at the Ritz plus a special guest 

Great time at the Ritz with Tantric and Elisuium

May 14th, 2016​

What a great time we had see old friends at the Token lounge. Alien X Radio was there broadcasting live, some great bands were there including the headliner Prong. 4WM put on a great show for the packed venue. The crowd was energized and receptive to all the bands. On to the Ritz to the Bad Boys of Rock II.

January 22, 2016- We returned to The Ritz with Roni Davis' Team Badd Luck show " Badd Boys of the Scene"  featuring The Knowing Within.  It was cold outside but on-fire inside as we played songs from our soon-to-be released EP and with a few covers thrown it.  Roni himself joined us for Pantera's famous "Walk".  With Kelly Tucker at the board the show was fast and fun for everyone.  Thanks to all our friends and family, old and new, for making it a great night.  4WM 

Archives (Rewind)​2016 

Ruben Fluellen  1989 - 2016 RIP

For We Are Many would like to send out an eternal Thank You to a man who was always willing to help and learn with the band as a roadie and as a brother. He loved us and wanted nothing more than this band to succeed. He was Johnpauls cousin and  hr adored everyone dearly and we will always remember him...Always part of our family, always dear in our heart...We will miss you brother.

April 1st 2016​

4WM was back at the Token, this time with 4 new bands. With the exception of a false April Fools rumor that the band was not playing that night it was a great time. We are firmly committed to the Prong Show May 14th at the Token. That show should be a sold out show.

  Rock out with your C%#& Out                 January 2nd, 2016             The Detroit Pub

Feb 13th, 2016

It was freezing outside but the band heated up this competition with their songs Breaking Through and Ashes to Life. Many family and friends came down to Cleveland to support them in this once in a lifetime show. There were 12 bands, most were local and the eventual winners brought over 75 kids via a chartered bus. The style of the other 11 bands was all indie rock, Adele style singers and 2 cover bands, with one singer fronting 2 bands. 4WM took the stage at 6:50pm, smack dab in the middle and ripped the contest in two! They got to meet many people who have become fans and received great feedback on their style, originality, their songwriting prowess and their professionalism. The main thing was to reach out to a new audience and luckily for them KISS radio Cleveland has received many requests for "Breaking Through" during the regular playing hours. We thank Frank Imhoff, RRHOF and all sponsors for making this great night happen. CD link...

Notes From 4WM Management/​Purple Pit Productions...

​Welcome to the new friends and family of For We Are Many and welcome back to those already with us.  So much is in the works for the band.  December brought us into two new venues, The Diesel and The Detroit Pub, working with the fabulous Roni Davis and Hard Edge Radio’s Howie Herula.  We had two great shows, got to know 6 great bands and play with our friend, the band’s guardian angel, Kelly Tucker in Through our Eyes and look forward to many more in the future.  In our home base venues of The Token, The Ritz, The Crofoot and Harpo’s Detroit, we have some great upcoming shows, so please visit often for updates.  We are also pleased to begin new shows with the collaboration of Smash Concerts and 89X which will feature on air play of our songs as well as some of the best bands in the area and look forward to future shows with our great friends at Alien X Radio.  The highlight of December was bringing the newest members Emilio Flores and Nathan Tabor into the fold.  It has been a happy and seamless merge with such talented young men as if they were “meant” to be a part of the 4WM family.

As we emerge this week from the Metro 37 Studios, completing a four song EP, we are in full swing readying for the Tri-C Contest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Saturday, January 16 in Cleveland. We are also readying for the Dearborn’s Got Talent Show auditions, so keep your fingers crossed for us we make it through to the show.  It is our hometown showdown and the last time we will qualify for the show as Jimmy, Emilio and Nathan will be graduating this spring.  

The year 2016 is the color RED for 4WM.  So bracelets will be Red Wings red with white lettering. Be sure to get one.  We now have Ladies’ shirts S-M-L so hit us up or click through our store or our merchandise table at our shows.  Looking forward to seeing all of you, stop by and say “Hi”..Type your paragraph here.

Packed House at Word Alive, The Crofoot Ballroom Pontiac MI

April 8th Diesel Low ball show...Another Great show by Howie Herula. Got to meet new friends with 3 new bands, all outta bubblegum, Tantrum and Absorbed. It was our new co-singer Oscar Vasquez first full show with 4WM. We always love when our resident scholar Hector Dominquez can join in and he also gave a great show. Its a wonderful thing to be embraced by other bands such as those we shared the bill with and gain them as friends. We look forward to playing with them again and thanks Howie for a Great night!

April 9th, Diesel Concert Theater...Elisium, Era 9 on Team Badd Luck

What a great night to share the stage with so many great bands. 4WM enjoys coming out and sharing good music with friends old and new. Ronni Davis, our TBL leader put together great acts to give the crowd one helluva show. It was great to see Friends and Family come to the show and enjoy all the bands and everybody had a great time. Cant wait for next week to take the stage again at the Ritz for the Alpha Complex a show people should not miss!

​March 11th, 2016 The Ritz, Warren MI

​It was warm outside and hotter inside as 4WM put on a great show last night. They brought in a special guest vocalist Oscar Vasquez-Torres who san on "Breaking Through" and did a phenomenal job. We want to thank Ronnie Davis, Team Badd Luck and as always our guardian angel Kelly Tucker for  great show. Now on to the Token March 25th...see you there.

April 15th, 2016 

​4WM was pleased to take the stage after their good friends Aeris who opened the show with a bang. Enjoyed a great show with some of our newer friends from the Diesel last week, One Block South. It was an honor to meet Poynte from Atlanta GA who played a fantastic set. We hope to see more of both these bands in the future. Looking forward to sharing the stage with these great artists again very soon.

Feb 12th, 2016 - 89X Freezefest

What a great send off, prior to traveling to the RRHOF in Cleveland. 4WM loves playing this historic venue. and played a blistering half hour set before getting back on the road and traveling south to Cleveland. (See above)

May 7th, 2016

​Just another day in the life of a metal band...4WM raised some eyebrows in the heart of Mexican town in Southwest Detroit today doing a photo shoot at Holy Redeemer Church. Had a great time and got some great shots!

89X Showcase Night, The Ritz, 01/29/16

The house was jumping as bands took the stage this past Sunday.  4WM was glad to reunite with friends Worse Case Scenario and members of  Inori to rock the house.  It was a little bit of every kind of rock and the crowd loved it. We worked with 89X for the first time and look forward to their Freeze Fest II February 12 at The Token. Come out and wish us well that night, as we will be heading directly off the stage- then on the road to Cleveland for the RRHOF Tri-C Rock Off.

A fantastic 2 nights at the Diesel